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UNOFLEX – Creating Space Within Spaces

Our products are created to maximise the use of confined spaces.

The UNOFLEX Series of movable wall systems, of which Multi Wall is the sole agent of, boasts functionality and durability in its design. Using a maintenance-free ball bearing trolley and high-grade aluminum and steel track system, our UNOFLEX movable walls have the flexibility to offer a new dimension to every space, from small offices to large exhibition centres.

With the spindle mechanism operating the top and bottom seals, the sliding panels can be converted into a solid sound-insulating wall that allows one large hall to be divided into multiple individual rooms.

In addition to our standard models UNO80 and UNO100, Multi Wall also caters for customisation, on special request, of its movable wall designs, such as the fitting of sliding, folding or swing doors.

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Suitable for convention centres and large-scale venues

With a panel thickness of only 105mm, the user-friendly UNO100 movable wall system is capable of providing sound insulation of up to 56 decibels (dBs).

To ensure a right fit with the venue of installation, Multi Wall offers different parking layouts and a variety of design surfaces for selection. The standard specifications of the UNO100 wall are:

Panel Height:    1800mm-15000mm (max)
Panel Width:     600mm-2400mm

Depending on the confirmed height and weight, different tracks and roller types are utilised to accommodate the panels. Customised enhancements, such as the installation of glass viewers or single/double pass doors, are also available upon request.

For more details on UNO100, please click here to view product specifications.



Suitable for meeting rooms, schools & restaurants

Requiring a smaller space for storage, the UNO80 movable wall system presents a cost-effective sound insulation option without compromising on quality.

Despite the slimmer design, the UNO80 still allows for proper sound insulation up to 44dBs. Adopting a modular panel design and light frame construction, the UNO80 gives room for easy flexibility and manipulation of a room design within a confined space. The standard specifications of the UNO80 movable wall system are:

Panel Height:    1800mm-4500mm (max)
Panel Width:     600mm-2400mm

The durability of the UNO80 movable wall system is further enhanced with the use of the silent track and roller system and the aluminium-edge protection fitted with each panel.

For more details on UNO80, please click here to view product specifications.

Special Projects

Tailored to your specific needs

If you’re looking for products other than the UNOFLEX series, Multi Wall also looks into customisation for any other sliding/folding movable wall systems to meet the needs of clients.

In order to get a clearer picture of the limitations and requirements for a project, Multi Wall’s engineers will undergo rounds of thorough consultation with the client and provide the necessary advice.

One such example is a project done for SMRT:

To find out more, get in touch with our service consultants today.