Keeping movable wall systems in peak performance beyond its expected operational life, has cemented Multi Wall Engineering’s standing as an expert in the movable wall industry. On top of our role as sole agent of the UNOFLEX brand in Singapore, our niche expertise in movable wall systems from other major brands places us at the forefront of our competition.

Our capabilities are backed by our dynamic team of highly-trained consultants, who have amassed over 25 years of industry experience, overseeing the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of movable wall systems in the market.

Being equipped with technical know-how allows us to provide reliable and professional advice. We value-add by being swift in accurately discerning our client’s specific needs and problems where movable wall systems are concerned.

  • Extensive Research for Innovative Solutions

    Multi Wall makes it a point to stay abreast of the latest market trends and client’s needs in movable wall systems. Our quality products are the result of rigorous research and development undertaken by the Multi Wall engineers to create enhanced innovations or improvements to the movable wall systems.

  • Expert Insights and Advices at Every Stage

    To satisfy our client’s requirements, Multi Wall puts in place strict quality control measures from the stage of conceptualisation. After thorough auditing and analysis, our highly-trained consultants will advise and customise the ideal cost-effective solutions for the installation, repair and service maintenance of movable wall systems for each client.

  • Experience in Area of Expertise

    With vast industry experience spanning a wide variety of projects, Multi Wall consultants are well-positioned to deliver effective solutions within a fast turnaround time. Clients can tap on our expertise to make informed decision as we work with them to identify varying possibilities and eliminate operational difficulties or potential areas of damage.