Our products are created to maximise the use of confined spaces.

The UNOFLEX Series of movable wall systems, of which Multi Wall is the sole agent of, boasts functionality and durability in its design. Using a maintenance-free ball bearing trolley and high-grade aluminum and steel track system, our UNOFLEX movable walls have the flexibility to offer a new dimension to every space, from small offices to large exhibition centres.

With the spindle mechanism operating the top and bottom seals, the sliding panels can be converted into a solid sound-insulating wall that allows one large hall to be divided into multiple individual rooms.

In addition to our standard models UNO80 and UNO100, Multi Wall also caters for customisation, on special request, of its movable wall designs, such as the fitting of sliding, folding or swing doors.

  • Extensive Research for Innovative Solutions

    Multi Wall makes it a point to stay abreast of the latest market trends and client’s needs in movable wall systems. Our quality products are the result of rigorous research and development undertaken by the Multi Wall engineers to create enhanced innovations or improvements to the movable wall systems.

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  • Expert Insights and Advices at Every Stage

    To satisfy our client’s requirements, Multi Wall puts in place strict quality control measures from the stage of conceptualisation. After thorough auditing and analysis, our highly-trained consultants will advise and customise the ideal cost-effective solutions for the installation, repair and service maintenance of movable wall systems for each client.

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