Keeping Your Walls in Check

The engineers at Multi Wall are equipped with the technical knowledge on maintaining an efficient movable wall system, regardless of brand. This has since developed into our competitive edge, reflected in the types of services provided by Multi Wall.

Aside from the UNOFLEX brand, Multi Wall’s comprehensive range of services also caters to all leading brands of movable wall systems. These services include:


  • Repair

Repairing of all major brands of movable walls, with a quick response time of 1-3 hours in the case of emergency breakdowns


  • Preventative Service Maintenance

Regular/ad-hoc servicing for customers to maintain overall condition of movable wall systems


  • Relocation

Dismantle of movable wall systems, including alteration of panels and tracks for installation at new venue


  • Refurbishment and Reupholstery

Replacement of upholstery including changing of finishes such as fabric, laminate, wallpaper and whiteboards


  • Cleaning

Thorough cleanup of movable wall systems, its spare parts and mechanisms