Preventative Maintenance & Status Report

Option for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly schedule or ad-hoc service

  • Attend to movable partition track’s level and advice areas of sagging
  • Attend to Ball-Rollers bearing and grease bearing where necessary in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction
  • Tighten link clips
  • Attend to track intersections
  • Attend to spindle mechanism that operates retractable seals
  • Check that routine operation of electrical apparatus is satisfactory (applicable only to semi-auto)
  • Check the above areas on safety aspects and advice accordingly
  • Checking of compress air system not applicable
  • Advise for proper panel system for your staff during servicing day


Defects report

  • Any unsafe conditions to your panels
  • Panels out of level that require servicing
  • Worn, damaged or broken parts or finishes that require replacement
  • Quotation for material, parts or labour to correct deficiencies


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